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The Lovey Dovey Story

Having worked in the jewellery trade for over 25 years it was inevitable that my daughter Jazmine would love jewellery as much as me!   At the age of 17, Jazmine moved to London to pursue her career as a singer/songwriter, and after completing 2 years at college she returned home where she continues to gig, write and produce.  But wanting another challenge and after lots of discussions, Lovey Dovey Jewellery was born.


Our aim is to deliver beautiful affordable jewellery for your everyday wardrobe, as we understand jewellery is a way to express individual taste and mood and by personalising pieces it makes it original, unique and meaningful.   Jewellery is a great way to show off your style and if given as a gift, a great way to express your emotions.


As a small family run business, we focus on delivering excellent customer service and value for money.  

Tonia and Jazmine.

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